Mission: To provide exceptional pre-hospital care by Emergency Medical Personnel with compassion and integrity using state-of-the-art technology and clinical sophistication.


Vision: The following will be used to guide the course of the Hudson Emergency Medical Service now and in the future.


Core Values:

Our Members will:

            • Value honesty, trustworthiness and integrity

            • Exhibit dignity and respect for one another

            • Display dedicated pride of service


Our Service will:

            • Foster empowerment of our members

            • Manage through leadership

            • Stay focused on personal and professional growth



  • Continue to embrace and promote volunteerism.
  • Maintain an emergency medical service that will rapidly respond to emergency medical needs with personnel and equipment that meet or exceed current standards of care.
  • Develop highly motivated and skilled medical personnel through ongoing training.
  • Employ equipment and procedures that enable our personnel to respond to medical emergencies with rapid, effective interventions that meet or exceed the expectations of the community.
  • Provide our customers both internal and external with the respect and courtesy they deserve at all times.
  • Conduct our duties with a high degree of professionalism and integrity commensurate with the trust and faith placed upon us by the city and citizens of Hudson.
  • Enhance the quality of life and promote general wellness and safety of Hudson citizens through effective community outreach and education.
  • Utilize the funds entrusted to us by the citizens and the city administration to obtain the goals of HEMS in a cost effective manner.
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