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History:  Founded in 1977, Hudson Emergency Medical Service has served with distinction as the advanced life support ambulance provider to the City of Hudson, providing emergency treatment and transportation to Akron area hospitals and Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna.  Today, Hudson EMS is one of very few non-compensated volunteer EMS services in northeast Ohio.  We answer more than 1,500 calls per year with a staff of predominately non-compensated volunteers who share the common goal of reducing death and disability by providing prompt and effective pre-hospital care to residents and visitors.


Operational Statement:  Hudson Emergency Medical Service has the responsibility for citywide protection of more than 23,000 people with paramedic level care in times of sudden illness and injury.  Realizing that emergency circumstances are by nature fluid and unique, Hudson EMS ensures effective pre-hospital care delivery via:


  • Certified training and continuing education ensures competence of technicians.
  • Ongoing medical direction from a board-certified physician.
  • Strong ties to partner safety forces (police and fire).
  • Integration into the Akron regional hospital system.
  • Participation in mutual aid agreements with Summit County and Portage County departments.
  • Regulatory compliance with County, State, and Federal mandates.


Organizations Structure:  Hudson EMS is a department of the City of Hudson, reporting to the taxpayers through its City Council and under the direction of the City Manager.


Funding:  Hudson EMS receives funding through the City income tax and by billing insurance companies for ambulance transport.


Fleet:  Comprised of three advanced life support transporting ambulances, one ALS chase vehicle and two ALS-equipped staff cars.  We also have one emergency incident support unit which provides medical command and rehabilitation services.


Medical Equipment:  Hudson Emergency Medical Service uses Life Pak 15 monitors, LUCAS devises, Stryker Power Cot and Load Systems.  In addition we also carry the GlideScope, a video laryngoscope, on every ambulance along with countless other types of equipment.


Training Equipment:  Hudson Emergency Medical Service has obtained a METIman Prehospital Patient simulator – “Designed by medics for medics”, thus allowing our members to complete object-based scenarios. Each METI simulator is designed to simulate bleeding, breathing, talking, blinking and numerous other physiological characteristics and various medical emergency scenarios including heart attack, drug overdose, vehicular accidents, effects from weapons of mass destruction, bio-terrorism and other traumatic injuries. METI simulators are in use at organizations around the world, including leading medical schools such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Cornell, Stanford and others. In addition, Hudson EMS subscribes to CentreLearn, an online training site which allows the member to complete the majority of their didactic training at their leisure.  



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