1. What types of calls do you have?  With approximately 1900 calls answered each year every call is different.  Some people need assistance only; while other patients, ranging in age from infants to the elderly, are ill, injured or incapacitated.   


2. Is there a residency requirement?  No, however it is helpful if you live or work in Hudson.  On occasion a third call will “drop” and the members who live near the station have the best opportunity to answer the call.


3. What are the qualifications needed?  You must possess a high school diploma or GED, a valid Ohio driving license, participate in our interview process, pass a background check and our job physical includes a drug screening.


4. What type of people are you looking for? We are looking for people who not only like to do volunteer work, but also have a desire to learn, are team players, professional.


5.  What training is required?  If not already certified, Hudson EMS will put you through, and you will attend a 158-hour accredited EMT-Basic class.  Hudson offers this EMT-Basic class twice a year, last week of August — mid December and the last week of January— mid May, on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. plus one to two Saturday’s per month.

  • In order to keep your certification you must attend continuing education.  Hudson EMS offers more than 300 continuing education hours per year.  The expectations are you attend/achieve a minimum of 36 hours every year. That is one half of the National Registry 72 hour bi-annual requirements.
  • Hudson EMS offers Paramedic training upon acceptance to either Akron General’s Paramedic Program or Tri C's program with a signed contract with the City of Hudson committing to 2 years of service with Hudson EMS.  Additionally, the member must:
    • Be a member in good standing with Hudson EMS;
    • Have completed their probationary period;
    • Have been uncovered within the “Service” as an EMT-B or EMT-I;
    • Have been an EMT-B or EMT-I for a minimum of six (6) months;
    • Have been accepted into or granted an interview with one of the above mentioned program.
  • There is also a driving requirement.  Every member must be able to drive and pass the driving course test.   Duty shifts may be divided between driving and attending to the patient in the back of the ambulance.
  • Once you become certified you will participate in a “intern" status.   During this period you will be working with experienced members.  Once you demonstrate an ability to perform specific duties, you will be able to work independently in a "functioning" status


6.  How many hours are required?  We ask for 12 hours per week for a total of 624 hours per year (that works out to about 52 shift hours per month).   We also recommend you to attend at least 36 hours of continuing education each year, and participate at 14 hours worth of special events throughout the year.  All together we are asking for 674 hours every year (or really, 56 hours per week).


7. Can I work more than the required 12 hours per week? If the crew has an opening and you are available you are always welcome to work more shifts.  


8.  What are the shift hours?  We have 3 daily shifts available. First shift is 7:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m., second shift is 1:00 p.m.—7:00 p.m., and the third shift is 7:00 p.m.—7:00 a.m.  These are not flexible and you are expected to find a sub when you are unable to work your shift.


9.  Can I work a 24 Hour shift? Our shifts are broken out into 6 hour and 12 hour increments. If the right shifts are open, you are permitted to work a 24 hour shift every two (2) weeks.  All members are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the start of their shift.


10.  What constitutes a typical crew makeup?  A crew generally consists of a  an EMT and a paramedic.  Often there will also be trainees along for the ride.


Please do not hesitate to call our office at 330-342-1854 between 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or email us at svargo@hudson.oh.us if you have any further questions.  We welcome your interest!

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