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Have you ever asked yourself, "If a medical emergency happened and somebody needed my help, would I know what to do?  And would I be able to do it?"


When you become a Hudson Emergency Medical Services volunteer, you won't hesitate to answer both questions in the affirmative.


Since 1977, Hudson EMS has served with distinction as the advanced life support ambulance provider to the City of Hudson, providing emergency treatment and transportation to Akron area hospitals.


As a Hudson EMS Volunteer, you would be part of a highly trained and motivated team that, at  a moment's notice, answers more than 1900 emergency calls each year.  Working 24/7 in three shifts, we provide emergency medical assistance to people from all walks of life who become ill, injured or incapacitated.


Hudson EMS volunteers stay cool under stress, applying medical protocols to deal with virtually every type of emergency situation, including injuries, drug overdoses, poisonings, allergic reactions, heart attacks, emotional distress, problem pregnancies and even environmental emergencies like chemical spills.


We have the emergency medical know-how, the state-of -the-art equipment, the resources and facilities, plus the training and dedication required to put it all to work.  We have what it takes to save lives and protect the quality of life in our community.


Be Somebody Special!


As you will see, not just anybody can become an EMS Volunteer.  You must meet stringent qualifications and then be willing to serve as a Volunteer to the City of Hudson for at least two years with a 56-Hour commitment each month!


However, being an EMS Volunteer is not all work and no pay.  There are rewards.  Consider for example...


The heightened self-esteem that comes from knowing you're helping others and giving something back to your community.


The elevated self-confidence that comes with knowing you can respond to emergencies with the poise and expertise of a trained and seasoned professional.  As an EMS Volunteer, you'll learn valuable, practical skills.  Beginning with the basic emergency medical technician course, all training is provided in-house by our instructor staff, with many opportunities for continuing education.


The appreciation and admiration you receive from grateful citizens.  When a volunteer is out shopping or dining in a restaurant, it is not uncommon for people who the volunteer has helped to come up and say thank you for the good deeds done.


A camaraderie of mutual trust and respect that comes by being part of a closely-knit team performing mission-critical tasks.  EMS volunteers build an esprit des corps that is hard to experience in "civilian life".  This is why EMS volunteers form lasting friendships, often calling EMS their other family.


Plus career enhancement.  EMS service looks good on a resume because it reveals many traits employers are looking for, including compassion, self-discipline, commitment to team goals and strength of character.  While most EMS volunteers are employed in fields unrelated to emergency medicine, EMS can be a valuable training ground for individuals pursuing a career as a paramedic, firefighter, police officer, nurse or other type of health care professional. 


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