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Welcome!  We’re glad that you’re considering joining Hudson EMS.  Hudson EMS attracts a wide variety of volunteers:  Teachers. Professors.  Scientists. Engineers. Sales and Marketing Executives.  College students in pre-medicine, nursing, public safety and law enforcement. Retired professionals of every kind, including former CEO’s of leading corporations.

Some are interested in starting or enhancing a career in the medical or public safety field.  Some are interested in giving back to their community.  Some join as part of a family tradition of public service.

And all of us enjoy the big adrenaline rush, the camaraderie and proud spirit that can only come from working as part of a highly motivated and expertly trained team performing tasks that are absolutely mission critical. Let’s face it, when a life is on the line and every second counts, there can be only one standard of performance – perfection.  And to know you’ve got what it takes to meet that standard is deeply rewarding.

We’re looking for some very special people.

Not just anybody can become a Hudson EMS Volunteer.  You must meet stringent qualifications (including a security background check) and complete our comprehensive orientation program and EMS driver training.  If you are not medically certified, we will put you through a 158-hour EMT course over a 4-month period. Then, you must be willing to continue serving as an unpaid volunteer for the City of Hudson for at least two years with a 56-hour commitment each month, which is a combination of 12-hour weekly duty shifts plus special events and ongoing training.

But it’s not all work and no pay. In addition to the free training for obtaining and maintaining certification as an Emergency Medical Technician and/or Paramedic, there are other rewards. Consider, for example…


The heightened self –esteem you feel by helping others and giving something back to your community.

The elevated self-confidence that comes with knowing you can respond to emergencies with the poise and expertise of an experienced professional.

The appreciation and admiration you receive from grateful citizens.

The camaraderie of mutual trust and respect (the big adrenaline rush) that can only come by being a part of a closely-knit team performing mission critical, life-saving tasks.

Career enhancement. Hudson EMS can be a valuable training ground for individuals seeking a career as a paramedic, firefighter, police officer, nurse or other health care professional.  In fact, EMS service looks good on any resume because it reveals personal traits prospective employers are looking for, such as compassion, integrity, strength of character and commitment to team goals.


Being a Hudson EMS Volunteer is life saving for your patients and life changing for you. Be somebody special. Join the people who are making a difference.


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